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Draculala by LARDS

Dracula lives in a coffin. 

A story of vampires, castles, coffins, blood-sucking terror and all of the other familiar characters, clichés and dramas is turned on its head in this subversive and anarchic adaptation of a well loved classic. Our storytellers have forgotten exactly how the story goes (or maybe they never knew) but carry on regardless. Perhaps in doing so they'll accidentally summon up a terrifying unspeakable evil... Expect high drama, extreme stupidity, intense singing and bats.

Using physical theatre, clowning, live music, polyphonic folk singing, dancing, fake teeth and just a  little French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and gibberish. Suitable for clever and stupid people alike.


Draculala is the exciting, much-anticipated first performance by a brand new ensemble made up of Scotland's finest physical comedians and visual theatre creators, LARDS. Sinking their teeth into the famous story of Dracula/Nosferatu, LARDS present a joyously absurd retelling of this tale. Inventive clowning, movement, song and visual poetry combine to create a highly accessible and entertaining piece of physical and visual theatre.

LARDS are: L(ewis Sherlock), A(ndrew Simpson), R(uxandra Cantir), D(ylan Read), S(ita Pieraccini). LARDS are a new ensemble of physical/visual theatre artists experienced and invested in devising and performing new work. LARDS draw on their unique combination of specialisms in clown, bouffon, character work and visual/physical theatre to create live performances that are visually arresting, emotionally moving and of the highest artistic standards.

Draculala by LARDS was invited to play at Anatomy Finest Cuts Cabaret on 24th October, 2019 at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. Info here.