Sunday, 16 June, 2019

We have officially started today with a welcome meeting and a brief evening workshop.

Some people are still arriving from their respective places. The place feels filled with eagerness to work. From what I have noticed and from the people I have talked to already, all are professionals who are seeking to deepen their practice, whether that means being here for the first time, or coming here for the 23rd year. Many are regulars and will be attending advanced tracks. Some of us are new students and I felt celebrated and welcomed in this community. MICHA is not a huge organisation, but it runs efficiently on the dedication and expertise of the artistic, founding, and managing directors, and faculty members who have taught here for decades.

The welcome meeting introduced us to our teachers and course leaders, as well as the campus we are on. Connecticut College has a lot to offer, including amazing studios to work in, and an arboretum where meditations will take place. It was great to see, hear, and meet some of these teachers who I’ve read so much about and heard about from previous mentors.

Our evening workshop involved all 75 of us participants. From tomorrow, we are split into our respective tracks - I am in the Fundamentals track. Jessica Cerrullo - artistic director of MICHA - led us into what I call an Arrival workshop, gently encouraging us to be HERE, to arrive body and mind, after so much traveling. We moved in the space (gorgeous Myers dance studio) as a group and said to ourselves, to each other, and to the space “we are here.“ Jessica guided us to think about our reasons of being here and our hopes for this next week, which we shared with a person in the group we gravitated to. Very interesting to me was the focus on the space, as well - moving into the space as influenced by our thoughts on our reasons of being here, and moving into the space as it is filled with everyone’s hopes for this week. The Place and how it affects our identity, our actions, our thoughts, and feelings (as a study into character making and development) is something I’ve long been interested in as a point of creative research and was, in fact, my core point of study for my Thesis show at Dell’Arte.

Another great thing from Jessica tonight was the State of Wonder - as in, always being in a state of wonder. Which means that if we’re in that state, we are always available and able to listen to and to hear and care for the space and everyone around us. Being in a state of wonder, being curious - a great point to start this week.

A full day of classes tomorrow with a performance and a talk in the evening!

Big love to all!

p.s. I feel the freshman 15 coming again! Conn College has some great (unlimited) food!