Teacher Training 1 - Day One, Monday, 24th June

Some people have left after the 1st week, a few new people showed up and we have found ourselves in week 2 - Teacher training. The space already has a different vibe - I sense it differently. There is more reflection in the air, it feels calmer. Perhaps because we’re more tired or because Teacher training implies a “more mature” outlook, it is just different. Ragnar would be proud of the assessment for space perception. 

My impression has been that this week is about immersing and solidifying the concepts we started working with last week. It is a great opportunity to embody these things. The work goes wide, not necessarily in levels, and I like getting the opportunity to revisit some concepts, explorations, and images to begin to Inhabit that place, not just visit. This is indeed a very difficult thing, I’m realizing: really living there, holding the image/that presence. I’ve discovered that it is fairly effortless to be in my body and conjure up a presence that then is sensitive to images and imagination and gesture, but holding it, really living in it - while doing so many other things like engaging with the space, with others, with text, etc - is the DEAL. 

What we did: 

  • revisited the 4 qualities, the centres (head, heart, pelvis/will centre)

  • brought attention to the back with Dawn - “wise actor body” who knows. Bring the knowledge you have from the back into the 4 brothers (form, ease, beauty and totality)

  • arriving and then ARRIVING.

  • text from the centres (lighthouse in heart, diamond in head) and always being aware of what sensations that provoked and what it made/caused in the body and in character.

Discoveries, musings:

  • the sustaining of gesture and real physical and imaginative inhabiting is achieved through breath. I breathed so well today! I reminded myself of this as soon as I was starting to get lost in engagements, and it always brought me back. Full breaths, full exhalations. There is nothing more grounding and inspiring. BREATHE IN IT TO SUSTAIN IT. It will then inform more movement and text which will in turn inform breath again.

Sol: It is not how you express the technique, but how you use it. It is not result-oriented. 

You must be rigorous  and take the body/image to where it wants to go. You must also reflect and understand what happened, what your experience of it was - to be aware and see and learn from it. Otherwise there is nothing new for the next encounter. In training, I can push you, but if you don’t track how and what happened, you will not be able to get there yourself. 

You take different teachers with their different perspective, but it is always filtered through your point of view/perspective. (YES!)

Never movement for movements sake. With awareness, it will be able to take you into character. 

You can only experience the feeling of form, ease, and beauty, and then you can see it in others. 

Craig is an image-generating machine, and he was on fire today. My personal favourite: This work is like a butterfly, you want to catch it. But then you catch it and run a pin through it so you have a dead butterfly. But how about if the butterfly visits often and stays close?

The work is seeping and going deep. I’m absorbing. It’s a good feeling. Excuse me, sensation.

p.s. Attached - a photo i found online that I liked and seemed appropriate. And a little drawing from my notes on the qualities.

today I will grow.jpg