Tuesday, 25 June, 2019 (Teacher Training 1)

We spent Tuesday with Craig - great day with lots of consistency and breath. The work is really landing now. We started with lots of ball-throwing, always the simple stuff. It is never about the ball, Craig whispers to us cheekily. It isn’t - as the entire day was dedicated to Giving and Receiving. That’s all that those ball exercises really are, in essence. When does the giving REALLY start? And when does the receiving REALLY begin to take place? In a ball throwing situation. or in a play. Lots of ball-throwing - imaginary or real - occurred to really let that sink into our body. It’s such a simple offering, and yet so complex. The amazing thing is that once you tune into that, you can really see when an offer is really not an offer and when a receiving act was untruthful. 

We started work on atmospheres, and as always, the trusty ball came to aide with that. Craig passed a ball to feel its texture, size, and shape. It then stayed in our hands, in our imaginations, as it grew and collectively we created a big bubble that was our creative atmosphere. And then the real fun began - we had three different atmospheres we worked with and we would enter this bubble of atmospheres and absorb it all. we Crossed the Threshold. Something Michael Chekhov talked a lot about, apparently. It was hard for me to get into it at first, with our first bubble atmosphere of warm bright hopeful yellow. All it took though was for Craig to say “step into your backspace“ and all of a sudden, things started to vibrate. IN working with a partner, I had one of the most intense experiences in a workshop - back was vibrating as I sensed my partner around me and when we shared text (we had memorized as requested by workshop), the interaction was so dense and filled with liquid, it was overwhelming… My back vibrated for about an hour after this. It’s hard to step away from something like this. Incredible. High five, Derrick. 

Our two other atmospheres were secrets and whispers, and Moon glow. Craig is an image-generating machine!

The afternoon was dedicated to Psychological gesture. Lots of ball throwing and big movements. The big take-away here is the reminder to always engage the body fully, engage the lower body, to tap into the stream of the movement (in throwing the ball and not). Archetypal gestures, like giving and receiving, pushing , pulling, etc, must be done full body to learn from what it can conjure, it is then “veiled”, internalized, and it turns into psychological gesture. 


  • Craig is always a great reminder of breath. I’ve breathed really well here, this is a small achievement for me - always to remember to breathe.

  • pose vs. gesture - lots here, but pretty self-instructive

  • The archetypal gesture doesn’t always have to be done entirely - sometimes, the “juicy, delicious” stuff is at the beginning of this gesture, so then you can take that into the psychological gesture and into the work - a monologue, a dialogue, etc.

Craig: “radiating is allowing yourself to be seen. Receiving is an active way of noticing the world”

“You always have a constellation of partners”

“You’re working too hard. Just react to it and let it affect you”

“the gesture brings you to radiate”