17 July, 2019 - Sharing back with Scotland Community

In true freelancer behaviour fashion, upon my return from MICHA, I immediately jumped into another creative project - the Voyager Surge Residency. The residency went well, with lots of discoveries and ideas about moving forward, but that also means I didn’t have a lot of time to actually process and reflect on the MICHA experience until the Voyager Residency was over. But what a delight when I could return to it - read through my notes, this blog, and reflect on that work and what it meant for me and my practice. (Of course, I used some MICHA things in our Voyager Residency as well :))
I shared a bit of MICHA work with my peers in Scotland in a very informal, low-stake workshop on 17th July at Single End Collective. The space at our collective is small and I felt somewhat nervous about “teaching“ the technique, so I invited a few of my peers and my collective to this event - folks from the physical theatre and devised theatre communities that I thought might have an interest in this.

I put “teaching" in many quotation marks, because I am obviously not a teacher of this. Yet! Instead, I focused on sharing my perspective of the work and trying to recreate what a classroom at MICHA would look like. In essence, try to imitate what our great teachers would do, which I perceived as storytelling and offering images, so that our bodies and imaginations are ignited and we are taken in on the ride to experience it.

It was really beautiful to experience MICHA work from the outside, i.e. not experiencing it in the classroom, but guiding the explorations. My peers - who I’ve worked with before and performed with - suddenly exhibited such an open demeanour… It was beyond words to witness it. I also noticed that I, as a guide in all this, was so grounded and calm, and breathed a lot - very different from when I teach other things.

The session went really well and I’ve resolved to do another one with my peers soon. If anything, it’s just a great chance to do the work, engage in it, and play with it from another perspective - that of someone teaching it…

I also intend to offer free workshops at the Royal Conservatoire - once the year starts again and I manage to land in the work more (make my way through my notes, practice guiding some things). The technique is so great for both “conventional“ performers and physical theatre performers, I really hope to be able to bring it to folk in Scotland, no matter what their performance background and style is.

Here are a few photos from the Workshop Sharing at Single End Collective. Thank you to Sarah Rose Graber, Suzie Ferguson, Andrew Simpson, and Lisette Boxman for coming over and opening their hearts.