Photo by Jassy Earl

Photo by Jassy Earl

Pickled Horatio is the magical combination of two short solo pieces, presented in one double bill for your delight. Scotland-based physical theatre performers Melanie Jordan and Ruxandra Cantir have joined forces and created a hilarious foray into our daily loneliness and dread from two different, but equally absurd, perspectives.

What happens when our designated comfort places are not so comforting any more and begin to reflect everything we’ve ever feared? 

Double laughs with this double bill!

Ruxy's Pickled Republic follows the tragi-comic journey of a few mysterious characters who struggle to find some sense of purpose in their warped world. Whether it be a pickled tomato lamenting in a jar or a forgotten royalty who seeks the unthinkable, each character is trying to calm their anguish before it all ends. 
Nobody is graceful when faced with demise. Grace is overrated, anyway.
Relish in an unearthly cross between Eugene Ionesco and The Big Lebowski. 
Check out the trailer for Pickled Republic here:

And find Melanie Jordan's Ho! Horatio! trailer here:

Made possible with support from Creative Scotland, and SURGE. 
Thanks go out to Clown Cabaret Scratch Night and Tron Theatre Outside Eyes, where earlier versions of these pieces were performed. 

N.B. The shows are still in progress.