The trailer of The Dirty Laundry Campaign

Created with support from SURGE and Creative Scotland, performed at festivals in Scotland in 2017 and 2018, including SOLAS Festival, Merchant City Festival 2017, and Edinburgh Fringe Street Events. 

Created and performed by Ruxandra Cantir and Sarah Rose Graber, with support from Alan Richardson. 

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The trailer of Ruxy's solo show - Pickled Republic - is here!  

Though the project is still under development, here's an early trailer from the work-in-progress showing held on September 27, 2017 in Edinburgh. Pickled Republic is one half of the Pickled Horatio double bill and was supported by Creative Scotland, with assistance from SURGE and with direction from Alan Richardson. 

Melanie Jordan's Ho! Horatio! - other half of the project - can be found here: 

And here is an excerpt of the show, played at the Clown Cabaret Scratch Night in June 2017 - Goldon, the Pickled Tomato:

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Gregor, the Magnificent Mountain Climber at the Clown Cabaret Scratch Night (April 2016) Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

See the video of the entire performance to the left here. Gregor J. Everest begins at 43:05. 

The 2015 Instant Acts Tour

In September and October of 2015, Ruxy toured Germany and Northern Italy as part of the Instant Acts Cast (performer and teacher). Instant Acts is an initiative against violence and racism organized every year by Berlin-based non-profit Arts Organization Inter Kunst. 14 artists from all over the world come together every Fall and perform and teach workshops to children and youth in German and Italian schools and prisons. 

To the left here, a little taste of the tour, Gregor at 5:04! More info on the project and photos under the Recent Heading in the Menu.


A 5-minute presentation for the Ruxy-led Comedy Workshop in Ilmenau (Germany). Here with fellow performer, Hula Hooper, and Clown from Croatia, Marko Kalc.

The famed Spit Bit with Gregor (Ruxy) and Mayo (Amelia) from Summit Fever, here with Amelia Van Brunt of Bad Bad Bunny Company. At Dell'Arte International at the Mothership Thesis Festival of 2013.


   Video teaser with cast of Elisabeth's Book - a Dell'Arte Company Project.

Elisabeth' Book is an original physical theatre piece with few words, centered around images, objects, and relationships, and developed collaboratively with the actors and the director/designer. It is an exploration of friendship under conditions that test the will to survive. 

Conceived by Joan Schirle

Performed and devised by Joan Schirle, Laura Munoz, Ruxandra Cantir

Directed and Design by Alain Schons

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Summit Fever, thesis at Dell'Arte, the threesome also known as Falling Fools Ensemble. Trailer Video (Left) and the entire 25-minute show below. Ruxy as Gregor the Climber, Anthony Arnista as Smog, Amelia Van Brunt as Mayo.

Summit Fever follows the journey of three grotesque clowns in a treacherous and highly physical ascent of Mount Everest. Tattered and beaten down, Smog, Gregor, and Mayo have been together on the tallest mountain on Earth for too long - constantly attempting to summit the elusive peak for what feels like, or may be, eternity. The clowns endure blizzards, avalanches, excruciating cold and pain, and most horrible of all, each other's company. All for a chance at the view on top of the world and the glory it comes with. 

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Ruxy as Parr and Darci Fulcher as Beatrice in their cabaret piece Del Boca Vista Resort Dance Platform










Parr in Bête Noire, a cabaret piece

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Ruxy as Larisa (yellow hat) in The Egg at Dell'Arte International (2011).