Sunday, 7 July, 2019

It goes with out saying that technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and thus it has had a profound influence on our daily lives. Some of these advances can seem trivial, while others are downright scary. Nonetheless, the manner in which we interact or don’t interact with the world around us has changed dramatically. As Sarah Rose, Ruxy, and I have embarked on this journey together, I have continued to ponder what role, if any, do emergent technologies have in the arts? More specifically, can these technologies be useful tools for the devising and performance of physical theatre? Perhaps naively, I feel the integration of technology in the arts is necessary. The general public, for one reason or another are no longer interested, or simply not capable of interacting with art in a conventional manner. As artists and devisers this is why we must challenge ourselves to understand how people want to interact with our works, but also in how we devise our creations. I believe that emergent technologies can facilitate the creation of exciting new works and also create new paths of engagement in the audience. As we head into this final week of our residency at SURGE we will continue to explore the how a performer can interact with new tools of creation and how interactive technologies can have a positive influence on the devising process of performance art.

- Ryan