Photo by Rich Dyson

Photo by Rich Dyson

Bête Noire

 Parr lives in an attic. Parr encountered a dust bunny the other day in the attic and nearly had a heart attack. Parr has a hard time living life. Parr is not of this world. Parr lives on the fringe. The fringe suits Parr. Please don’t phone Parr.

Created and performed by Ruxandra Cantir, with support from Clown Cabaret Scratch Night.

This act has played at Cirque du Schwazee in Arcata, California, USA; Clown Cabaret Scratch Night (Autumn 2016) at Tron Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland; Red Pearl Female Clown Festival (February 2018) in Helsinki, Finland (as part of the Clown Cabaret Scratch Night Bursary); and at Clown Cabaret Special Edition for manipulate Visual Theatre Festival (February 2019) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Duration: 7 minutes.


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