Photo by Jassy Earl

Photo by Jassy Earl

Two in a Barrel (IN THE MAKING)

Two in a Barrel is a clown-inspired, physical theatre piece for young audiences that explores the questions - How do we share space and limited resources in hard times? And why try to make things better, when it feels like our efforts won't make much of a difference?

Riri and Moku have been stuck in a barrel on top of a rubbish heap for as long as they can remember. It’s not an ideal situation, but the two best friends have made it work, despite their constant bickering. We follow the boisterous journey of Riri, the optimist trinket collector and Moku the sarcastic germaphobe as they navigate each other’s quirks, the impending, ever-growing heap of trash outside their barrel, and incredibly tight living quarters. 

This piece aims to put the two quirky female characters at its centre, explore proximity as a source for comedy, and invoke environmental awareness and activism. 

This piece is being created at the moment alongside Sarah Rose Graber. We were accepted to be part of SURGE’s Established Artist Residency at Ormidale House in January 2019 to develop the concept for this show, mentored by SURGE, Mike Kenny, and Hilary Westlake. We were then accepted to present a work-in-progress very early beginnings of the show at Imaginate’s Ideas Exchange event on 13 February, 2019 at Festival Theatre Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, where we received feedback about going forward. STAY TUNED.

Special thanks so far go out to all-around badass SURGE for rehearsal space, residency and support, genius man Fergus Dunnet for barrel design and making, and lovely Linus Wiberg for song composition.