Photo by Jassy Earl

Photo by Jassy Earl

Two in a Barrel (IN PROGRESS)

Two in a Barrel is a clown-inspired, physical theatre performance for young audiences about the waste we create, the destructive consequences of our habits, and co-existing in an environment with limited resources.
Two lively quirky best friends - Riri and Moku - are confined to a barrel sitting on top of an island of rubbish in the ocean. They love finding treasures in the vast waste that surrounds them and making up their own world of adventure and imagination. Every little discarded thing can be transformed into a magical trinket that starts a fun game. But being in tight quarters means they face new challenges, like having to ration their food and learning to coexist. Danger arises when the waste around them continues to pile higher and threatens to cover them altogether.
By looking at mass consumerism and the destructive effects (non bio-degradable) waste has on our environment, this Beckett-meets-Pixar show poses questions about the trash we produce and invokes awareness and environmental activism.

This piece is being created at the moment alongside Sarah Rose Graber. We were accepted to be part of SURGE’s Established Artist Residency at Ormidale House in January 2019 to develop the concept for this show, mentored by SURGE, Mike Kenny, and Hilary Westlake. We then presented a work-in-progress, very early beginnings of the show at Imaginate’s Ideas Exchange event on 13 February, 2019 at Festival Theatre Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, where we received feedback about going forward. We then played at Edinburgh Science Festival’s Scratch Night in April 2019 and underwent additional development at Platform at Easterhouse in September 2019 with our director, Tim Licata.

Special thanks so far go out to Platform and SURGE for rehearsal space, residency and support, Tim Licata our director, and genius man Fergus Dunnet for barrel design and making. We are also very grateful to all who came to our informal sharing on 27 September, 2019 at Platform - we are very pleased with the direction the show is taking, are grateful for all the great feedback, and can’t wait to share more of this show in the next few months!