Photo by Rich Dyson

Photo by Rich Dyson

Gregor J. Everest

In a tremendous blizzard, Gregor – the Magnificent Mountain Conqueror (his words, not ours) attempts another Everest climb for the umpteenth time and he is convinced that today is his golden glory-filled day. Nobody better stand in his way.

Created and performed by Ruxandra Cantir (The character initially conceived as part of a trio of clowns in Summit Fever - Ruxy’s thesis show at Dell’Arte International alongside Anthony Arnista and Amelia Van Brunt)

This act has played at InterKunst’s Instant Acts 2015 Tour across Germany and Northern Italy (Autumn 2015); Clown Cabaret Scratch Night (Spring 2016) at Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh, Scotland; Clown Cabaret Special Edition for SURGE Festival (Summer 2016) at Tron Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland; STV’s The Late Show TV Talk Show (Autumn 2016); Clown Cabaret Special Edition at manipulate Visual Theatre Festival (Winter 2018) at Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland; Red Pearl Female Clown Festival (Winter 2018) in Helsinki, Finland.

Duration: 12 minutes.

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